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I'm not dead yet.

Updates, updates...

not that anyone is listening...

I'm in therapy again, biweekly. Mighy be starting hormones soon, gotta do some research! Looking for a Luna-job instead of a Luna-pretending-to-be-a-man job, and damn it all I'm scared to death.

Whee. My therapist told me I need to work on my verbal communication skills. Also it turns out that I'm not just an asthmatic afibbing transgender, I'm an asthmatic afibbing gluten-sensitive asperger's transgender. And my daughter has 3 of those as well (she's not afibbing yet, and as far as I can tell she's not transgender either).

Well, the good points of my life are... good. I own my own house, my car is working again (...a lot happens in 6 months... my car broke down 4 months ago, just got it fixed last week) I'm in a transgender support group consisting of like 5 people including myself, and by golly I just stepped down from a position I absolutely abhorred being in at work. Best part? I have a loving, wonderful wife to help me through it all. Don't freak out, people, we're not "legal" married... but I wish we could be.

Life is crunchy right now. It's in the milk, but still crunchy.
Yay therapy! Yay hormones!! YAY support!!!

Sounds like, well, you said it nicely. ^^; It's good to hear from you again.

Email me sometime?